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Powell Lake Marina on Powell Lake was purchased in 1983. It was bankrupt at the time and in a state of disrepair. The property consisted of an old shop, a marina, gas dock and a small coffee shop. Through many long hours and a lot of work, owner, Dave Formosa, opened and operated a boat sale service shop alongside the marina. After an number of years in business, Dave added onto the coffee shop and opened the Shinglemill Pub and Bistro in 1986.

The Shinglemill was named after the community that occupied the property during the early and mid part of the 1900’s. The small community grew up around a mill that produced shingles.

There are many photographs of the early days taken of the Shinglemill and community and Powell Lake displayed throughout the pub and bistro.

The Shinglemill is located on pristine Powell Lake. The lake, created during the last ice age, is 32 km long and is a favorite recreational area for locals and visitors.



Our full menu is available in both the
restaurant and pub, enjoy our signature view no matter where you sit.



The restaurant is named for the Powell Lake Shingle Mill that once stood on this site. On warm sunny days you can sit on the deck



The marina at the Shinglemill is the only marina located on pristine Powell Lake.

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